Wallenstein Loggia in Jičín
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Wallenstein Loggia


Until the 17th century, there was only a game enclosure on the foothills of Zebín. Albrecht von Wallenstein decided to have a prestigious suburban pleasure palace built with vast gardens. The most dominant element of this compound is Wallenstein Loggia (Valdštejnská lodžie) itself, with a connecting courtyard and a large park called Libosad. Gradual reconstruction is returning Loggia back to its former glory.

The fate of Loggia is similar to other buildings that started their construction when Albrecht von Wallenstein ruled over the dominion; after Wallenstein’s assassination, constructions ceased. Loggia was partially finished by the Trauttmansdorffs.  Although Libosad has been a frequent outing destination for people from the surrounding area since time immemorial, it was never systematically used and thus dilapidated gradually. Extensive sequential reconstruction has been ongoing in the last few years. This has allowed for the gradual opening of the site to the public, and organisation of larger cultural events. Visitors can relax in Café Loggia and see an interactive exhibition dedicated to Wallenstein and his plans.

Wallenstein Loggia is situated about 2 kilometres from the centre of Jičín. A pleasant stroll through Linden Alley awaits those who decide to get there on foot. 


50.4495983N, 15.3782464E

Sedličky 4, 50601 Jičín