Valdice Tower in Jicin
Right in the Centre

Valdice Tower


Valdice Tower (Valdická brána) is undoubtedly the symbol of Jičín. The renaissance tower, reaching a height of 52 metres, welcomes visitors coming to the town from any direction. Climbing the 156 stairs to the observation gallery is definitely something any visitor to Jičín should not miss.

Valdice Tower was built between 1568 and 1578 as a part of the vast fortification system of the town when the Trčka of Lípa family ruled over the dominion. Originally, it was one of three gates leading to the town. The Italian architects invited to Jičín by Albrecht von Wallenstein planned on demolishing the tower in order to expand the square. Wallenstein’s death prevented that.

Throughout the years, the tower has gone through gradual reconstruction, usually after fires damaged it. The tower got its current aesthetic in 1840. Josef Oppolzer, a contemporaneous architect, made a design with a wooden observation gallery and pyramidal roof.


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