Milohlídka Tower in Jičín

Milohlídka Tower


The oldest stone observation tower of the Bohemian Paradise is only 15 minutes’ walk from the centre of Jičín. Milohlídka is 8 metres tall and built in neogothic style and stands hidden in the middle of a forest park on top of the hill Čeřovka.

Milohlídka was built on commission of the then Jičín county representative Hansgirg in 1843, to provide opportunity for the poorest of the town to earn some much-needed money. Back then, there was no forest on Čeřovka, only fields, meadows and military training camps spread around. As time went by, trees took over. Nowadays, only the south-west is visible from the tower. It also overlooks a former natural amphitheatre. Despite the trees blocking the original view, Milohlídka is a common outing destination for both locals and tourists.

Čeřovka hill is an important European geological locality, as it is a deposit of porcellanite.

Opening hours / Admission

Accessible for free in summer. Closed during winter.


50.4448194N, 15.3603242E