Linden Alley in Jičín
A Tip for a Walk

Linden Alley


Linden Alley in Jičín is the oldest linden avenue in the country. It is almost 2 kilometres long and leads from the town to the Wallenstein Loggia.

Linden Alley, which connects the centre of Jičín with Wallenstein Loggia, is a unique natural landmark. The four lines of linden trees are oriented in such a manner that on the day of the summer solstice, the sun rises on one side of the alley and sets on the other - another remarkable feat by Wallenstein’s architects. Originally, the alley consisted 1100 Littleleaf Linden trees.

According to legend, the army assisted in planting it, and it took steps signalled only by three shots – the first meant to dig a hole, the second to plant the trees, and the third to put soil on the seedling. It really is only a legend, however; in reality, gardeners supervised by Wallenstein planted the alley. Today, the alley is 200 trees the poorer, and even the trees that stand there nowadays are not the same ones Wallenstein had planted as the alley is continuously renewed by planting new trees in place of dying ones. The average age of the trees is about 100 years.

Two footpaths lead along the alley; one is unpaved and suitable for pedestrians and cyclists, and the other one is sealed with asphalt, making suitable also for roller skaters. The alley is sanctuary to a rare insect - Osmoderma eremita.


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