Zebín Hill
A Tip for a Walk

Zebín Hill


Zebín hill, with its chapel of St. Mary Magdalene, is Jičín’s iconic spot.

The Linden Alley leads to Zebín from Jičín. On the way to the top stands All Saints Church, with a wooden belltower which represents the last remnants of a medieval village. The top of Zebín provides magnificent view of the Jičín basin, and, providing good weather conditions, Kumburk, Mlázovický chlum, Veliš, Prachov Rocks, Kozákov ridge, Tábor and Bradlec may all be visible. The southwestern side of the hill harbours a long-abandoned quarry.

The rocks still contain blocks of porcellanite. Zebín hill is of interest due to geological, botanical and entomologic finds.


50.4535183N, 15.3742272E