Marian Garden
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Marian Garden

Marian Garden, located south of Jičín, is an immensely interesting area of the Bohemian Paradise, yet less frequented by tourists. The biggest gem of the area lies within the baroquely composed landscape from the turn of the 18th century, when Count František Josef Schlik managed the area.

Marian Garden is a unique baroquely-composed landscape, created by František Josef Schlik and his wife Anna in his dominion between Kopidlno and Jičín. Four chapels were built in the forests of the Veliš ridge that have now almost vanished in the alleys and forest aisles. The quartet of chapels was an appeal to Virgin Mary from the aristocratic couple for the offspring they so longed for. Compared to Wallenstein’s work, Marian Garden is a much humbler and less opulent composition, more in line with the local natural landscape.

From the large number of religious buildings in the area, some deserve a mention: namely the rococo-style Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Slatiny, an important baroque building in Kopidlno – the Church of St. Jacob and the Church of the Ascension of the Holy Cross in Ostružno. Visiting the small chapels in forests, each of them having a different ground plan, can be combined with trips to other interesting sites like Dětenice Chateau, Staré Hrady castle the or beautiful parks in the gardens of castles in Kopidlno and Milíčeves.