Synagogue in Jičín

Synagogue and Jewis School


A few significant Jewish sites have survived to this day. Among these are the synagogue, the former Jewish school and a Jewish cemetery on the outskirts of nearby village of Sedličky.


Jičín synagogue is one of the best-preserved Jewish sites in the Bohemian Paradise. It is a small late baroque building from the second half of the 18th century with interior painting added later in classicist style. The synagogue served its purpose until 1941. After the war, it served as storage and later as an herb drying room. The long-dilapidated building was saved by comprehensive reconstruction, which allowed for the synagogue to be opened to public in 2008. When visiting, pay mind to the exhibition of the History of the Jewish Community in Jičín.

Jewis School

Another important site of the Jewish quarter is just a few steps away from the synagogue. At No. 100 Jewish Street (Židovská ulice), there is a former Jewish school, where pupils were taught in German. Extended reconstruction, finished in 2014, has resulted in a space with a permanent exhibition called Jewish Authors, Playwrights and Critics, and another smaller exhibition area. A cosy café caters to visitors, and there is even accommodation available. 


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