Regional Museum and Gallery Jičín
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Regional Museum and Gallery


The Jičín museum offers more than just staring at exhibits and reading inscriptions.


The premises of the Regional Museum and Gallery take up a big part of the Wallenstein Palace, and features a permeant exhibition on the history and nature of Jičín and its surroundings in a playful form. It is because of the interactive style, offering several ways to see the museum, that it is nicknamed The Playful Museum. It is encouraged to touch some of the exhibits, to search for a secret chamber, and young visitors will especially appreciate a puppet theatre.

Adults might enjoy walking through a covered gallery connecting the palace to the prayer room for aristocracy in St. James’ Church, and art of baroque masters and Karel Škréta’s painting in the picture gallery. There are also temporary exhibitions, which come and go several times a year. These exhibitions tend to be minor ones of regional character. 


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