St. James’ the Greater Church Jičín
Right in the Centre

St. James’ the Greater Church


St. James’ the Greater Church (kostel sv. Jakuba) is one of the landmarks of Wallenstein Square.

The parish church of St. James the Greater is located very close to the Jičín palace; the buildings are even connected by a covered gallery, which allowed for comfortable passage from the palace to a prayer room for the aristocracy. Wallenstein’s original plan was to build a cathedral where a diocese would be established. This plan did not come to fruition, so plans had to be reworked. The church was supposed to have four towers and a central dome; due Wallenstein’s death, though, these were never finished. However, this is not completely true when it comes to the dome, as painter Josef Kramolín created an illusory painting that evokes the existence of a dome. A presbytery is located directly behind the church.


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