Castle Staré Hrady
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Castle Staré Hrady


Staré Hrady is a great place to visit with your children; they will most definitely enjoy it.

Staré Hrady is an ideal castle to visit with children. The castle, which was originally built in gothic style and later had a renaissance addition built onto it, is now an ideal backdrop for stories from history and fairy-tales. Tours are operated all year long; one offers a journey through the Fairy-tale Underground full of giants, water-sprites, devils and dragons, while the tour of the Fairy-tale Attic starts with a broom flying lesson, and the final children-oriented circuit shows Healthyworld and the Dragon Kingdom. Adults have a circuit of their own – a tour of the gothic and renaissance parts of the castle called Life During the Reign of Franz Joseph I of Austria, which offers unique exhibitions from the period of the Habsburg monarchy.


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