Prachov Rocks
Trip Destination

Prachov Rocks


Prachov Rocks are a paradise to tourists, rock-climbers and nature lovers.

Prachov Rocks are the most well-known part of the Bohemian Paradise. Jičín can be a starting point for a trip to the rocks, as they are only about 7 kms apart. Visitors with time constraints may appreciate a short trail, which can be completed within less than an hour. Most of Prachov Rocks can be seen using the long trail, taking two hours or more.

The most sought out places are The Bohemian Paradise Lookout (Vyhlídka Českého ráje), The Emperor’s Pass (Císařská chodba) and Ervín’s Castle lookout (Ervínův hrad). A pond called Pelíšek is hidden among the rocks; however, it is not suitable for swimming. The ruins of Pařez castle are well worth a visit as well. Some visitors might not know that Prachov Rocks are a privately owned area; they were returned to the Schlik family through property restitution. The family manages and takes care of the area.

April through October is the high season for Prachov Rocks, with all the box offices, refreshment stalls and other services open. In these months you have to pay the entrance fee. Visits to the area may be made outside of the high season; however, care must be taken, especially in winter.


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