Brada Hill
Trip Destination

Brada Hill


A pleasant five-kilometre walk will take you from the centre of Jičín to the top of Brada hill.

The top of Brada used to support a castle, built in the 13th century. Nowadays, there are only small remains of walls and motes, overgrown by vegetation. During the Austro-Prussian war in 1886, the Austrian army kept one of its positions on Brada, blocking the way to Jičín. In memory of the battle of Jičín, an oak cross was erected, along with statues of St. Peter and Paul. The last few hundred metres walking up the hill are accompanied by an educational trail about Brada castle and its settlement. This trail begins at the church of St. Bartholomew.

The top of the hill provides seating on benches and a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape. Sunsets are especially beautiful from this spot. Little boards with inscribed panoramic photographs of the view are set around the top. While descending the hill, a little trip to Rumcajs’ cave is worth the effort, with the option to continue on to Prachov.


50.4672867N, 15.3290433E