Rumcajs’ Cave
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Rumcajs’ Cave


After being exiled from Jičín and his cobbler’s shop, Rumcajs settled in a cave near the hill of Brada.

Rumcajs the Bandit’s cave is another fairy-tale spot you can visit any time. It is located near the hill of Brada, about five kilometres from Jičín. If you decide to go on foot, you need only follow the blue trail leading through the village Brada-Rybníček all the way to the hill Brada. When going by car, you can park in Prachov and then hike the green or blue trail. This option is about two kilometres long. When you get to the cave, you can see how Rumcajs and his family live nowadays, where Rumcajs sleeps, where Manka cooks and where Cipísek plays.


50.4671594N, 15.3281975E