Čeřovka Hill Jičín
A Tip for a Walk

Čeřovka Hill


The volcanic hill Čeřovka, which is covered by a forest, is located in the northern part of Jičín’s suburban area.

The place is interesting for quite a few reasons: geologists value the deposit of porcellanite, but biologists, mycologists and zoologists all find something of interest, as Čeřovka is a habitat to 11 endangered species. Rare species of insect keep the habitat they live in even after the tree dies, as dead tree stumps are not removed but preserved.

Locals and tourists alike come to Čeřovka for strolls, often walking up the steps of the lookout tower Milohlídka – the oldest lookout in the Bohemian Paradise built from stone. Čeřovka is a part of Bohemian Paradise UNESCO Geopark.


50.4447825N, 15.3603900E