Jinolice Ponds
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Jinolice Ponds


Not far from Jičín, and a stone’s throw away from Prachov Rocks, outside the village of Jinolice, there is a system of three ponds.

The largest pond is called Oborský. With a sandy bottom and partially grassy bank, it is commonly used as a natural swimming pool. It can also be used for various water sports. The medium pond, Němeček, can be used for swimming as well. Both Oborský and Němeček have public campsites with the possibility of accommodation in little cottages or campervans and tents. Oborský has its own parking lot for visitors. The smallest pond, Vražda (Murder), has been partially taken over by vegetation. The pond and nearby fenlands are a national natural sanctuary.

The ponds are one of the most sought out places in the Bohemian Paradise, as the campsites are great starting points for trips to the Prachov Rocks and other destinations.


50.4735114N, 15.3146953E