Plakánek Valley
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Plakánek Valley


Plakánek valley is a picturesque area near Kost castle. The valley got its name after the Plakánek family, who lived there in the 17th century. They were charcoal burners, which lead to teary eyes, and that can be loosely translated as the word plakat, thus Plakánek.

The valley runs from Kost Castle, winding around the pond Obora, to the village of Střehom. It’s a valley filled with tall rocks, covered with mixed forests and is thoroughly romantic. A water mill has been preserved until this day near Střehom, and the lower end of the valley holds a well called Roubenka, mentioned in the poems of Fráňa Šrámek. An educational trail leads through the valley, beginning at Kost. It provides information about the valley’s fauna and flora and its history. The valley abounds with sandstone rock towers, fens, fragments of riparian biome and ravine forests.


50.4803100N, 15.1272097E