Jičín Modern Architecture

Modern Architecture


Architect Čeněk Musil gave Jičín its modern appearance in the interwar period. It was he who changed the somewhat sleepy Jičín of the turn of the century into a modern town within 20 years. 

Dozens of both private and public buildings were realized from designs by Čeněk Musil, such as the hospital, Masaryk’s Business Academy and the district council. He was also a part of starting the residential suburb on Čeřovka and authored the Regulation Plan of the town. Despite the fact that Čeněk Musil’s significance never reached beyond the border of the region, he managed to introduce and implement quality modern architecture and urbanistic tendencies to the town.

Under the patronage of the Jičín Architecture and Urbanism Club, an internet guide to the modern architecture of the town – the Jičín Architectonic Manual - is being created. The first phase will make it possible to have a stroll around Čeněk Musil’s buildings along with extensive commentary and 3-D visualisation. Accessible online in english here.

Jičín Architecture Manual pdf (944.39 KB) Download