Fairy-tale Dragon Jičín
Right in the Centre

Fairy-tale Dragon


The entry point to Husova ulice, the local high street, has been guarded by a metal sculpture of a dragon for several years.

Have you ever met a dragon in a town before? You can see a metal sculpture of a dragon in the centre of Jičín at the entry point to the pedestrian zone of Husova Street. The dragon flew into Jičín a few years ago and liked it so much that he settled here and became a favourite tourist attraction. Now he keeps an eye on the whole town of fairy-tales. Think we are pulling your leg? See for yourself.

The sculpture was placed here in 2010. It was created by Jiří Kmošek, a graduate of the School of Applied Arts in Turnov. Ever since then, the sculpture pronounces the fairy-tale atmosphere of the town and also commands a beautiful view of Valdice Tower – a landmark of Jičín.


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