Wallenstein Loggia

Wallenstein Imaginarium


Wallenstein Loggia has been becoming a centre of alternative culture renowned country wide. The dramaturgical concept is thought up by the artists of Wallenstein Imaginarium (Valdštejnské imaginárium) under the baton of Jiří Vydra, the warden of Loggia.

The year-long programme caters to children and adults alike. Adults can enjoy concerts of musicians from all over the world or unique plays. Worldfest, an alternative music and unconventional plays festival, is the pinnacle event taking place in September. Another festival, Malá Inventura, is now a traditional presentation of what new theatre has to offer.

For families with children, every month Loggia hosts and cycle called Stories of a Thousand and One Countries. Witches’ night celebration Čarodění, Celebration of Trees (Slavnost stromů) and celebration of Christmas called Divovánoce are all well attended. Big events are accompanied by workshops and side events.


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